Architecture: Opera House

  Opera House:
After analyzing locations based on several merits, including accessibility by public transport to and from the old town, as well as the metro, I have chosen the Kłodno locality. The Opera house is the final step towards revitalizing the district, attracting locals and tourists, with this new recreational area.
The building will be situated on the waterfront, with a square in front to emphasize the beautiful view of the cities most important buildings. The surrounding also contains interesting historical fortifications and green areas.
My form of my design is similar to a large ocean vessel, or a whale with a shiny amber inside. The intention is to emphasize the surrounding waters from the Gdansk canal, reflecting the existing environment. Within the amber form, made of Onyx lit panels, is a large stage for performers and a viewing area for the audience. The amber dome will also be visible from the Old Town and surrounding fortifications. The elevation is covered with perpendicular metal panels, which reflect the sun and provide a shimmering wave like appearance. The longitudinal shape of the building provides daylight through out.

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