House in Venesla

Revitalisation of the 120 sq m flat in Vennesla and to adjust it to the needs of a big family. Changes of elevation.   Client opinion: The project was making plans for a complete remodel of a 140 m2 apartment, with specific requirements; including creative part, 3D modeling/visualization and plans for the construction company for […]

TubeU Hudge tubbe to manifest yourself. Group project during Ossa workshops in Gdansk with Maciej Siuda, Rodrigo Gracia Gonzalez, Daria Przybyłowska, Przemek Wrobel, Nikola Weryk, martyna Maciuszek, Robert Lasota, Yuliya Sabaleuskaya, Ewa Campel, Gabryjela Waśko, Artur Nitribitt, Aneta Kuć, Katarzyna Oleksy, piotr Orłowski, Maciej Gesiarz. Photos by Robert Lasota.  

Architecture: Opera House

  Opera House: After analyzing locations based on several merits, including accessibility by public transport to and from the old town, as well as the metro, I have chosen the Kłodno locality. The Opera house is the final step towards revitalizing the district, attracting locals and tourists, with this new recreational area.   The building will […]